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29 April, 2016

The adventure begins…


Well...here we go! After more than five years living in my head and after so many friends urged me to advance here is Humane Focus a project that marries my professional work in the social intervention sector with my passion for photography and visual arts.

Humane Focus is a humanitarian photography project with a Visual Storytelling approach that uses photography and/or video to create visual narratives about social intervention programmes and how they transform and impact the lives of the communities that they work with.

Humane Focus understands that photography and visual content have an important role to play in communications and PR for NGO's, foundations, programmes, public and private institu- tions, and their projects and social intervention programmes. The social sector has been late to professionalise and to recognise the potential that visual content has for its work and this project aims to further develop this field for those who drive social innovation and impact.

This project is the results of more than 20 years of experience in the social sector, a deep understanding of the state of social intervention within both Portuguese and international contexts and a passion for photography. Humane Focus unites the Vision, work and passions of an individual who believes that social transformation and social social impact are not always as visible as they should be to those outside the field.

Using Visual Storytelling for Social Impact, Humane Focus aims to create visual narratives about social impact and transformation. Decades of experience working with a wide variety of publics, in diverse social change contexts, combined with passion and dedication to photography will enable the best stories to be told.

Let's show change! Humane Focus approach combines an understanding about the realit- ies and contexts of social intervention with the photographer's lens, to bring sensitivity and a critical perspective to the work that other formats do not.

We hope that the NGO's, Foundations and other public and private organisations will ac- cept the challenge of making their work visible and that they will realise how powerful visual narratives are as privileged vehicles to tell stories about the good taking place within the social intervention sector both in Portugal and internationally.

Let's make change visible!
Paulo Teixeira


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