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20 November, 2016

SMAL | Sven Malojlo Presets para Adobe Lightroom!

Hi guys!

I almost never talk here about how I edit my photos or the king of workflow I use but...I'm about to break this habit as I've found a little gem. The truth is I'm really really impressed with the SMAL | Sven Malojlo Presets para Adobe Lightroom!

It was almost by accident that I bumped into these when I was seing great photos in some of the groups I usually see. I even admit that I was feeling I had made a stupid impulse buy when, after being some results I traveled to Sven Malojlo website (http://www.svenmalojlo.de) and bought the whole package.

The truth is my fears were unfounded because as soon as I started using these presets I was amazed by how great the results were! No strange artefacts, no crazy results, just nice different versions of my photos. The SMAL | Sven Malojlo Presets para Adobe Lightroom are really great with all kinds of photos and you have enough options and styles that you can create the look you're after with as little work as it's possible.


For instance, this photo that I've shared this week and is part of my work for the portuguese Red Cross was edited using SMAL C-01 and then a few tweaks.

The complete pack has 8 color presets and 2 B&W and also a tone pack and a very helpful toolkit that will help you with things like saving shadows or highlights and sharpening.

This is a photo with all the presets applied! One click and a little shadow adjust and...boom! 🙂


For 44€ for all these presets and toolkits this is basically a steal!!! Go grab them! Now!

You can in fact buy only the color or black and white packs but...I recommend that you get the whole thing and get on with your editing!

You can get the SMAL | Sven Malojlo Presets para Adobe Lightroom HERE!

Next you can see some photos in very different contexts edited with SMAL | Sven Malojlo Presets so that you can see how flexible and great they are!




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