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10 November, 2017

Humane Focus features at POISE Newsletter

Humane Focus’s work is being featured more and more these days. Sometimes we can only show the work when it’s effectively published like it was now by POISE in its newsletter. Enjoy!     SaveSave SaveSave

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25 February, 2017

Humane Focus – Partnership with Fujifilm Portugal

Dear friends, It’s with great joy that I announce that Humane Focus as Fujifilm Portugal as partner. It’s a “natural marriage” between a “all Fuji” photographer with a project that defends humane values with the brand that he exclusively uses. So…it’s a great honor and responsibility  to have this partnership with Fujifilm but also a […]

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20 November, 2016

SMAL | Sven Malojlo Presets para Adobe Lightroom!

Hi guys! I almost never talk here about how I edit my photos or the king of workflow I use but…I’m about to break this habit as I’ve found a little gem. The truth is I’m really really impressed with the SMAL | Sven Malojlo Presets para Adobe Lightroom! It was almost by accident that I […]

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17 November, 2016

Lifes in Video

We’ve already shown some photos from this project from the Braga Red Cross and now we publish a small slideshow from: ACOLHER MELHOR – a center for the homeless in Braga. Enjoy!! Paulo

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12 September, 2016

Life on the streets…

When the Braga Red Cross invited me to photograph this project and the persons that they help at their social response, ACOLHER MELHOR – Center for temporary relodging of homeless people, I hesitated. I didm’t want to go there and take some photos and that was it. I wanted the oppportunity to speak and interact with […]

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29 June, 2016

Street life…

The streets of Guinea-Bissau are….fascinating! Now that I start to see the photos I’ve taken in my last stay I’ve noticed just how many precious details and aesthetic aspects I really enjoy from almost every set. I’ll probably do a bigger and “more edited” post with street photos but here are some from the streets […]

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2 June, 2016

Back from Guinea-Bissau…

Hi! I’m back from a work mission to Guinea-Bissau where besides from evaluating an education programme I’ve taken lots of great images from schools, teachers and…kids! This programme promoted by FEC (, it’s a very large educational programme and that gave me the opportunity to travel around Guinea-Bissau and was a great work but mainly a […]

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4 May, 2016

An Opportunity for your Organisation!!!

Hello my friends! I’ve just launched Humane Focus and..I really need you help! I’m offering our services for free for the first ten (10) projects and/or organisations that contact me saying they are interested in getting Humane Focus services! We are talking any of our services and anywhere in the world!!! All for free! The only potential costs […]

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29 April, 2016

The adventure begins…

HUMANE FOCUS Well…here we go! After more than five years living in my head and after so many friends urged me to advance here is Humane Focus a project that marries my professional work in the social intervention sector with my passion for photography and visual arts. Humane Focus is a humanitarian photography project with a Visual […]