Humane Focus provides two types of services that can be contracted together or separately.

The first set of services, which are concerned with the primary goal of the project, includes the creation of visual narratives through photographic mediums in order to increase the visibility of the social impact of programmes, projects and interventions.

The second includes consultancy services and certified training in Communication, Photography, Video and the creation of visual projects for donor organisations or project sponsors that wish to create social impact. 

Visual Storytelling

Services provided will not use photographs to simply document a project. Our objective is to create visual content that will convey the social impact of projects and initiatives.

We are not limited to creating appealing images within the context of social intervention. We create narratives about social change that illustrate the nature of social change and that, more importantly, will inspire viewers to participate.

More that twenty years in the field have given Paulo the sensitivity and understanding of different social impact contexts that will allow the creation of unique visual content, guaranteeing that the collection of images is carried out with respect for the individuality and dignity of communities and individuals represented.

Paulo will support the organisations in the development of a strategy to convey ideas or concepts that will resonate emotionally with different audiences.

All causes have fascinating back stories that deserve to be told, however, many times those stories are relegated to the background, Humane Focus aims to radically change this situation.

We want to tell stories, and a great story is more than just a website or a series of photographs, it is an emotional link that we create with our audience. Transformation happens when the mission of the organisations, programmes and projects is internalised by the public and they are able to visualise how the beneficiaries' lives have been transformed. 

Our objective is to enable donors, programme sponsors and social impact projects to present their work as a story of transformation, using a social change narrative that engages with audiences. A variety of different formats will be used in the creation of visual content by Human Focus that will reflect the specific needs and objectives of each organisation.

We believe that the mission and vision of programmes, projects and organisations should be aligned with a strong visual identity and Humane Focus aims to enable those working on the ground in the social impact sector to create their own visual identity. 

Consulting & Training

This service covers several areas, however, all include the training of organisations and social sector professionals in visual communications.

Consultancy services will have an initial focus on the creation of a communications plan and image that will be developed alongside organisation members and/or members of the programme or project teams.

Once the communications plan has been developed, different tools will be defined for development as well as the final products.

As well as consultancy services in communication, Humane Focus also gives clients the opportunity to participate in capacity building and/or training in photography and video.

Training can be delivered in a variety of formats, including workshops and short, medium or long-term courses. All trainers and training formats are certified.

Our methodology takes into account the fact that many images published on social media platforms, and in other contexts by social impact organisations, are taken by members of the organisations in question as it is not always possible to have a professional photo- grapher in the field. The public image of projects and organisations will be significantly im- proved by training organisational actors in these practises.

Services provided in the scope of Humane Focus' work aim to equip organisations and their teams with the tools that will enable them to produce the best possible quality marketing and communication materials, ensuring coherence between the quality of the services provided by the organisation and the instruments that divulge their work and its results.

We offer a training programme and/or mentoring programme that will explain the basic concepts for working with photograph and video, and that will also prepare organisations to edit and organise the results of their work, enabling them to tell their own stories in the most compelling way possible.

Our training and/or mentoring methodologies have both theoretical and practical components and we guarantee that at the end of the process, the multimedia content that the organisation will be using on their website, newsletters, social networks and other mediums will be of improved quality.