Acolher Melhor – Centre for the homeless

16 July 2017

ACOLHER MELHOR -  Centre for the homeless

When the Braga Red Cross invited me to photograph this project and the persons that they help at their social response, ACOLHER MELHOR – Center for temporary relodging of homeless people, I hesitated.

I didn't want to go there and take some photos and that was it. I wanted the oppportunity to speak and interact with those man and women and, even in a very small way understand their stories.

The truth is that David and all the Red Cross team were amazing and it was possible to make these photos in a respectfull and positive manner. I can even say that it was a nice afternoon/night where I've learn somethings and, hopefully, it was a nice experience for everybody.


See you soon!



What society...

As I was photographing this project one phrase came back to me " a society development can be measured by the way it treats the weekest of its members"...