Giros na Rua Project

16 July 2017

Giros na Rua

On this day, I accompanied the street team from the Giros na Ruaproject of Inpulsar in Leiria.

The Giros na Rua Project offers support to drug addicts without socio-family background and a Street Team that is intended to contribute to the diagnosis and improvement of the socio-sanitary conditions of marginalized and excluded drug users and their social and therapeutic referral; As well as to promote risk reduction, intervening in a public space where drug consumption is experienced as a social problem. 

This project is a proximity response to socially excluded individuals (in particular drug addicts, alcoholics, sex workers and car cleaners) and access to basic rights in order to reduce the risk behavior of opiate users and the support of those who are not being covered by conventional services.

On this day I was also joined by the team from FujiXPassion ( who gathered video of this work and made it available on their website. I'll be happy to share this video here soon.

Here are some photos.

I hope you like it!


notea: All photos taken using Fujifilm X-Pro2 & X100F