Leiria Without Roof – Portraying the Invisible

16 July 2017

Leiria Without Roof - Portraying the Invisible

This was probably the most demanding project we had at Humane Focus until now. I was happy when our friendes from Inpulsar, an amazing NGO with great people, invited me to photograph some of the places where homeless people lived in the city of Leiria but nothing prepared me for what I've seen.

I've sen people living in extreme in-humane conditions in a situation that shouldn't be possible nowadays. We opted to show places and not faces, as using color to give light to the issue...using only the first photo "the switch" in B&W.

The photos here are in the same order as in the exposition.



note: photos taken with Fujifilm X-Pro2, X-T2 & X100F