The Communitarian School “Nha Futuro”

16 July 2017

The communitarian school "Nha Futuro" at Gabú

After two years I ent back to Guinea-Bissau this time to evaluate a education programme promoted by a portuguese NGO, FEC - Foundation Faith and Cooperation (

In this evaluation mission I've visited several schools allover Guinea-Bissau where I've interviewedschool directors, professors, trainers, kids and community representatives.

This post is the first of a series about my visits to these schools. I start with images from the communitarian school "Nha Futuro" in Gabú. We were very well received and we were delighted with all the people involved in running this school. 

In this post I've opted for the use of color and all photos were taken using Fujifilm X gear, an X-T1 and a X-Pro2.

Here are the photos. Enjoy!


The classrooms had very low light but the kids seem to illuminate them...

All the classrooms were almost in the dark. Only small windows provided somne kind of illumination and it was hard to establish eye contact with some of the kids.


The older kids were in open air classrooms...

The older kids were in almost open air classrooms and some were less enthusiastic about the visitors...


We've talked with community representatives...

We had tive to talk to community representatives and try to understand the programme impact in their lives.

Party time!!!

At the end of morning we had a chance to interact with the kids and it was crazy!  Lots of fun and games and I left with my heart full.